Urban Square Adaptation: Detention

As extreme weather events intensify and exacerbate flooding in urban areas, multipurpose urban squares can be used to detain stormwater during peak flow in a developed catchment. In this sense the Enghaveparken public park in Copenhagen adapts to dry – wet conditions and is capable to store 24,000 cubic meters of water before discharging at a controlled rate to the surrounding stormwater infrastructure.


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Boston Living with Water competition

The coastal historic city of Boston is projected to have up to five or six feet of saltwater flooding by the year 2100. In response to this, the Boston Living with Water competition was launched.  Planners and designers worldwide were invited to develop new concepts and strategies that could improve Boston’s resiliency and adaptability to these predicted environmental changes.


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Making cities more resilient to flooding

Flooding is one of the most damaging natural hazards, affecting millions every year. There have been many notable flood events around the world in recent years, in countries such as Pakistan, Thailand, Australia, the USA, and in early 2014, parts of England experienced extensive floods. These events have caused widespread damage to infrastructure and buildings, as well as detrimental effects on human well-being.


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