GreenWave Wins 2015 Fuller Challenge

Every year the Buckminster Fuller Institute hosts a challenge where groundbreaking, problem solving and visionary ideas can be celebrated. This year the Fuller Challenge announced that GreenWave, a nonprofit organization, is the recipient of the award for its magnificent ability to integrate innovation with restoration and for “transforming fishers into restorative ocean farmers and stewards of their local waters”.Urbanhydrologics_Greenwave_0a Continue reading

Tropical forests mitigate weather extremes

The 700-hectare Panama watershed experiment, also known as Agua Salud, will run for 20 to 30 years, making it the largest ongoing study of land use in the tropics. “Our project aims to clearly quantify environmental services such as water flow, carbon storage and biodiversity conservation that decision makers will consider as they evaluate projects from forest restoration to watershed management,” said Jefferson Hall, Smithsonian staff scientist and project director.


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Majority of World’s Rivers in a State of Crisis…

Majority of World’s Rivers in a State of Crisis, But Solutions Can Be Cheap | by Jaymi Heimbuch
By looking at a series of maps focused on 23 different stress factors facing rivers — from livestock density to potential acidification, from river fragmentation to aquaculture pressure — the research team found that 65% of the world’s river habitats are in danger of losing biodiversity because of these stress factors, not to mention the problem of human access to sources of clean water and energy. Unfortunately not enough data exists for issues such as mining and pharmaceutical pollution, so the situation is likely even worse than the team has determined. (Excerpt from Read the rest of the article HERE.

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