GreenWave Wins 2015 Fuller Challenge

Every year the Buckminster Fuller Institute hosts a challenge where groundbreaking, problem solving and visionary ideas can be celebrated. This year the Fuller Challenge announced that GreenWave, a nonprofit organization, is the recipient of the award for its magnificent ability to integrate innovation with restoration and for “transforming fishers into restorative ocean farmers and stewards of their local waters”.Urbanhydrologics_Greenwave_0a Continue reading

Liquifying Aquifer in Dry Futures

Dry Futures, An ideas competition seeking future-focused design responses to California’s drought, has announced winners and mentions. Liquifying Aquifer by Lujac Desautel, has been awarded 1st place in the Pragmatic category. The proposal asks: What if the Valley could have multiple drains placed around the city in contingent locations for maximum water replenishment back into the Aquifer?


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2015 Holcim Awards | Articulated Site: Water reservoirs as public park

A project for a public park in Medellín, Colombia that creates urban spaces around a series of water tanks to form a “socio-technical” landscape of magnificent beauty won the gold prize. The design opens up hidden infrastructure within the city to create a civic space at the intersection of architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and urban design. Urban_Hydrologics_reservoir_1 Continue reading

Water Works Parkitecture Competition Winner

The Water Works Parkitecture competition called for proposals that could bring community and landscape together in order to generate discussion about watershed issues. By braiding the ecological functions of the park + river and the social functions of recreation, the winning plan by Sasaki, RDG and AES:  “shaped two distinct yet complementary sections of Water Works Park: the wild and the engineered.”

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Gowanus Lowline “Connections” | Two Entries

The Gowanus Lowline “Connections” Competition dealt primarily with the topic of urban development in postindustrial lands and whether designers could establish potential overlaps between the needs of the Gowanus Canal Community and the needs of site regeneration and watershed based planning design parameters. Since the Gowanus Canal is categorized by the EPA as a Superfund site, designers needed to be innovative about how to intertwine cleansing processes with the provision of quality urbanscape. Two entries were considerably successful in this regard: the honorable entry “Domestic Laundry” proposal by AGER Group, and the First Prize winning entry titled “Gowanus Flowlands”.

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ONE PRIZE 2011: Water as the Sixth Borough

One Prize is an Annual Design and Science Award to Promote Green Design in Cities. WATER AS THE SIXTH BOROUGH is an Open International Design Competition to Envision the Sixth Borough of New York City. The committee invites the most talented and imaginative architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists, students, and individuals to propose ideas for the NYC Blue Network and The World’s Largest Clean Tech Expo in 2014.

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