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urban hydrologics

Climate adaptation consultancy services for tropical watersheds

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Integration of ecological infrastructure to create livable and resilient cities. Urban strategies, ecological & sustainable urban drainage systems.


Science of Water, Integrated Water Cycle Management, Eco-hydrology, decentralized stormwater strategies, and Nature Based Solutions.


Leveraging data science, digital innovations, data visualizations, and sensor networks to provide innovative technology options that accelerate adaptation.

Service Delivery Arms

consulting services

Providing strategic expertise on nature-based solutions for inland and coastal infrastructures

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Technology Services

Guide clients through the range of technology innovation options to accelerate adaptation & results

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PJ Santa

With over 14+ years of experience,

PJ Santa has established a proven track record integrating multiple disciplines to create climate adaptation strategies and road maps for tropical watersheds. His expertise encompasses award-winning masterplans, handbooks, guidelines, infrastructure projects, and comprehensive climate solutions across various scales and scopes. Throughout his career, he has worked with diverse teams in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, successfully leading proposals and collaborating with communities, clients, scientists, and engineering teams to develop blue-green infrastructure frameworks, stormwater management guidelines, and urban hydrology master plans.



Cultivated the ability to apply critical and creative thinking for problem-solving across a wide range of scales and scopes.

2009 - 2010

PJ Santa founded Urban Hydrologics in 2009 during his studies at Harvard University.

2011-2021 (Singapore)

Transdisciplinary experience in climate adaptation, hydrology, and stormwater management. Singapore-based implementation experience. Lead blue-green infrastructure strategies, masterplans, and handbooks for diverse inland and coastal environments.

2021 - Present

Urban Hydrologics, registered in San Juan and Singapore, offers consulting services for tropical watersheds.

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Making a Difference in Your Organization

We integrate a range of disciplines to provide holistic consultancy services that employ data analysis and data visualization. Our approach is clear, impactful, efficient, and maximizes results for your organization and stakeholders

Our approach is rooted in a proven framework that consists of:

  • Two Components for Holistic Resilience
  • Three Key Strategic Scales
  • Four Key Variables

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